01 July, 2009

As I Sit Here

As I sit here writing about Bella on this blog, my little puppy is sitting on my lap with her head resting on my laptop. What a cutie! We have now have had her for a full year and what joy she has brought into our lives. She has such a personality and truly loves human contact.

She recently starting "stalking" us. She hides around the corner and slowly and deliberately prowls in slow motion towards us like a cat. When she gets close enough she runs full speed and leaps into my husband's lap. From there they play and have a grand ol' time... I have tried taping her but the video is always to dark. I will keep trying because it is a total trip watching her and it is a sight to see.

Do you have a story to share on what your pet does that is just totally weird or unusual?


  1. Sophie, my 18 month old Shi Tzu, does a crazy, wild running thing at least once each evening. She puts one of her toys on the floor and then starts running about 90mph in the other direction, turns, runs back toward the toy, touches it - but keeps running full speed, then back again, once again grazing the toy just a bit. This continues for a while until she tires herself out so that she stops - panting, facing toy - and then she starts in all again. Eventually, she tires, and she tackles the toy and lays down with it. It is too funny!

  2. Sounds like fun! Our little dachshund we just got is trying hard to jump to the couch....just can't make it up yet. Can't wait to see a video if you get one.

  3. Anonymous06 July, 2009

    We recently got a puppy from the SPCA. He is very cute and the girls named him Buddy. He paws like a cat most of the time when he is coming at you to play, it is funny.

  4. Last year, I decided to get a pet. I found a pom from a breeder in Arkansas. Ever since day one, he cleans himself like a cat - all the time! For being male, he definately has some female tendencies!