10 December, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is not a happy puppy dog.....needless to say this hat, lasted long enough to take a photo...I say this is payback for all the hell she causes.
~What Goes Around Comes Around~

27 November, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Well, Bella's stomach is full of tasty Thanksgiving delights and she is racing around trying to catch her tail. On Monday, Bella went in for her 8 month comprehensive exam and she weighed a whooping 6.8 pounds. I am happy to say she is as fit as a fiddle! We also purchased her Xmas outfit for this year's Xmas card...(B already feels embarassed for her!) I cannot wait to start photographing her...I will make sure to post some pictures of her once I can get her to settle down a bit~

14 November, 2008

You Will Be Missed, Riley and Cici

A friend of mine just lost Cici (of seven months)...and another friend lost Riley (of 8 years), a couple of weeks ago. Both Riley and Cici entered their world providing unconditional love and affection. As for their untimely passing - may fond memories of your beloved pet warm your heart always. I am so sorry for your loss D and B~
Please visit Riley's Spirit By Bayn
~You are gonna need a tissue~

"...what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
(Helen Keller)

30 October, 2008

Endearing Pet Names

Well, Bella is a trip. Every day she enlightens us with her spastic evening runs - running like a mad woman up, down and around the house, chasing her tail...(what is up with that!) and constantly wanting human touch. She may as well be glued to us...oh, she would be thrilled with that. Over the past 7 months, she has earned a few endearing pet names such as:

  • Bucktooth, little bimbo - this, I have to get a picture of soon
  • Turdblossom
  • PiTA (Pain in The A#%)
  • Everyone Favorite Nightmare
  • Little Bell from Hell

I am sure she will earn quite a few more names - more soon to come!

21 October, 2008

She is Out of the Dog House...For Now!

So far so good - Bella went to the molding then quickly retreated when she saw Poppy... For the past few days she has been good. Oh, forgot, she pooped on the kitchen floor. What's up with that? I cannot figure her out.....I know, I know, she is still a puppy (only 7 months old).

15 October, 2008

Not a Happy Camper!

Well, Bella finally did it...She chewed on the corner of the floor molding last night. She was reprimanded and sent to her crate for the evening. This morning she was timid and tentative and we thought....Hey, maybe she learned her lesson.

Then guess what...she did it again!!! My husband did not hear her for a minute this morning...went around the corner...and there she was, nibbling on the molding. Needless to say, she was sent to her room to think about her actions….How much do you want to bet she does it again…Anyone want a dog?

15 September, 2008

First Baby Tooth

Little Bell lost her first baby tooth tonight. She placed it neatly in her tooth pouch in hopes she will get a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

03 September, 2008

Our Litttle Girl's 1st Venture (aka A Walk)

With the wind blowing in her fur, our Bella was a "big girl". We did not go far but she made sure to sniff every blade of grass, bark at every blowing leaf, and wagged her tail at assorted passer-bys.

30 August, 2008

Our Little Girl is Not So....Little Any More!

Well, our little girl had her girlie parts snipped yesterday. We are happy to say that she is doing fine and full of piss and vinegar and at this very moment biting Poppy's fingers....

When we asked her what she thought about her surgery...this is what she had to say:

and that is all!

08 July, 2008

The Tired Bella

We had to take this picture of Bella. When she is ready to crash...she will literally sleep in your hands...What a cutie!

23 June, 2008


Bella loves biting your hands, arm, neck, face, legs, ankles, etc…she has the sharpest teeth. The word “NO” is becoming quite a prevalent word around here! The sound of an envelope on her nose seems to do the trick…not to say, she hasn’t had a few moments of relapse.

Potty Training
Let’s just say, we are working on her potty training. B is so patient with her….Bella is such a smart puppy and it will be just a matter of time. She did have her first night of not wetting her bed…I know, I know, it has only been her third night in her new home…but I am optimistic…..

Our First Outing

Bella entered PetsMart, on Saturday morning, with a sparkle in her eye – She was being lavished with toys and the attention of other pet owners. What an exiting moment!!! Then (this is where you hear suspenseful music) we saw the vet clinic…..I do not know who was more unsettled visiting the vet...Bella or B. Poor Bella had to endure the temperature and fecal exam and B was right there feeling her anguish. Next, came the “shot”. With a quick growl from Bella and an overly compassionate moment from B, the remaining shots were postponed until another day. Needles to say, we quickly exited the establishment with a toy booty in hand…plus nine other toys, new bedding, collar and bell, treat, doggy bowls and a kangaroo pouch not to mention the other toys, B purchased on night number one…. She not gonna be spoiled? When came home, Bella slept in B’s hand/arm traumatized from the ordeal….only to make up for it that night and next morning…full of spunk and spirit…..

This is Bella after her ordeal to the vet~

21 June, 2008

New Addition to Our Family

We would like to introduce, to you, a new addition to our family...Bella (formally know as Penny). Only 3 months old, 2.8 lbs, part Chihuahua part Schnauzer, Bella is a fireball - full of energy!

Six years ago, we lost Max the Dog (Maxine)...our pup of 17 years. While no pet may ever replace Max, we made the decision to (finally) begin looking for a new puppy...agreeing to wait until the right one came along. Lo and behold the stars aligned and, prescribing to the phrase "If it's meant to be, It's meant to be"...."Meant to Be" came a knockin".

Through a contact of a friend (Riley the Dogs' person), we were introduced to then "Penny" by her current owner C.M. - whom by the way, is an exceptional technology specialist and unbeknownst to Riley the Dog's person, I am working on an undercover covert mission to "steal" her away from him!

Within a couple of hours, I was introduced to Bella, fell in love with her and escorted her to her new home. The next hurdle, was the husband, "B". The meeting was rapid and direct...It took Bella all but 30 seconds to break down...he, who was once the stone wall!

It has been but one day and, already, Bella has brought much joy into our lives....CM...thank you!

Bella's New Parents