21 June, 2008

New Addition to Our Family

We would like to introduce, to you, a new addition to our family...Bella (formally know as Penny). Only 3 months old, 2.8 lbs, part Chihuahua part Schnauzer, Bella is a fireball - full of energy!

Six years ago, we lost Max the Dog (Maxine)...our pup of 17 years. While no pet may ever replace Max, we made the decision to (finally) begin looking for a new puppy...agreeing to wait until the right one came along. Lo and behold the stars aligned and, prescribing to the phrase "If it's meant to be, It's meant to be"...."Meant to Be" came a knockin".

Through a contact of a friend (Riley the Dogs' person), we were introduced to then "Penny" by her current owner C.M. - whom by the way, is an exceptional technology specialist and unbeknownst to Riley the Dog's person, I am working on an undercover covert mission to "steal" her away from him!

Within a couple of hours, I was introduced to Bella, fell in love with her and escorted her to her new home. The next hurdle, was the husband, "B". The meeting was rapid and direct...It took Bella all but 30 seconds to break down...he, who was once the stone wall!

It has been but one day and, already, Bella has brought much joy into our lives....CM...thank you!

Bella's New Parents

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  1. Anonymous25 June, 2008

    Hey, Some tech specialist I am! I cannot figure out why my first comment didn't post! I love this blog and I love the pictures. Amanda loves the video and had me play it 4 times. I thinnk B would be a natural at hopscotch.