23 June, 2008

Our First Outing

Bella entered PetsMart, on Saturday morning, with a sparkle in her eye – She was being lavished with toys and the attention of other pet owners. What an exiting moment!!! Then (this is where you hear suspenseful music) we saw the vet clinic…..I do not know who was more unsettled visiting the vet...Bella or B. Poor Bella had to endure the temperature and fecal exam and B was right there feeling her anguish. Next, came the “shot”. With a quick growl from Bella and an overly compassionate moment from B, the remaining shots were postponed until another day. Needles to say, we quickly exited the establishment with a toy booty in hand…plus nine other toys, new bedding, collar and bell, treat, doggy bowls and a kangaroo pouch not to mention the other toys, B purchased on night number one…. She not gonna be spoiled? When came home, Bella slept in B’s hand/arm traumatized from the ordeal….only to make up for it that night and next morning…full of spunk and spirit…..

This is Bella after her ordeal to the vet~

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