04 April, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday

I know, this is suppose to be about Bell, Bell, but I wanted to post about my husband. My best friend, my husband of 28 years, celebrates his 18th heart transplant birthday today, 04Apr09. We have been so fortunate to have celebrated so many years, especially since the doctors told us initially, the life expectancy of most heart transplant recipients is 5 years. He lives on borrowed time and the below poem was written for him.

my life is his

waking up to his warm breath and soft touch-
his butterfly kisses-
dancing in the kitchen-
the scent of his cologne-

his reassuring touch leading me through life as a young woman and unto the same woman 28 years later-

his lips brushing ever so softly upon the nape of my neck-
his fingers gliding tenderly, caressing my hair-
his patience when I am in self-doubt-
his kindness and generosity-

his knowing of my insecurities and gently guiding and building each fragile layer into the woman I know I can be-

his humorous snippets of songs created just for me-
his pet names throughout the years-
his arms embracing me, comforting me-
his persistent urging to see the world as it may be-

his never-ending belief in me when I struggle with my inner-self and the complexities of the outside world-

his subtle preparation for what is to come-
his ambitious drive to open my eyes to the endless possibilities of life-
molding into his body as if we were meant to be-
lying down to sleep next to him-

his wisdom-
his practicality-
his laugh-
his dreams-
his love-

my life is his-

I love you B-


  1. What a beautiful poem and what a blessing to still have him. Hope you guys get many more years to share together!!!

  2. 28 years is great, and 18 is even better. It is encouraging to hear success stories in everyday life. Everyone has a story, thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my....that poem brought tears to my eyes Kiki! Bruce is such a special man and he is going to be with us at least for 18 more years.....he is too stubborn not to be. :) I love you guys!!! Let me know when Bella needs a dogsitter.....I miss playing with that little darling!! :)

  4. What a beautiful poem! This post and the poem are very moving. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I was so touched by your poem! What a beautiful relationship you have with your husband!

  6. To the wonder of knowing absolute love...To the joy of knowing to truly live each day...To the miracle of many days beyond the expectation...To the hope of each tomorrow...I celebrate!